By Katkoot. Shounen-ai, Jonas being cute, Cory being sexy. :D~ I love Cory's hair
so much better here than in the comic. ^^;
By the lovely Nicky of Fairest and Fallen. Jonas reading a story to Phoebe. (cute!)
By Kitsune. Very pretty Jonas, I really love the style and coloring.
Another by Katkoot! This time Tomas looking nice and smiling.
By my friend Kristen. A cute and funny parody comic with the much demanded Cory
and Jonas! ;)
By Chibi. Wow, is Tomas beautiful in this picture. And I want those pants!
By Mel-ru. Jonas and Cory, and the quote Mel-ru wrote is so lovely!
By Mel-ru. A Clipped Wings Christmas! With chibis, so cute XD Thank-you Mel-ru, you're so lovely and kind.
By ValinQuen. Happy Holidays to C+J, and I love the shading technique.