Name: Evan Drake
Age: 28
Birthdate: ?
Hair: Red-orange
Eyes: Blue
Character color: Blue
Hotel Stay: 50 years

Info: Drake is usually a kind and gentle person, and very polite. In reality he is very lonesome but tries to keep everything inside for the sake of Phoebe. He is very protective of her. He is also a good cook as, but an unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate) side-effect is that those who eat the food will share each other's dreams.

On Family: In chapter 4 it is revealed that he had a twin brother named Nathan. Phoebe is actually Nathan's daughter, but in a series of events they lose Nathan - and Phoebe mistakes Evan as her father, to which he never refutes her on. The question is, does Phoebe know now? And does it even matter?

On Friends: While kind to everyone he meets, Drake does not connect with anyone very deeply since he expects them to part ways eventually. Currently, the person he trusts most is Vaux Swift.

More information forthcoming.