Name: Jonas Tyche
Age: 20
Birthdate: January 13
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Green
Character color: Green
Hotel stay: a few months

Info: It seems that Lady Luck has never been too fond of Jonas Tyche. Eversince his mother died in childbirth, misfortune shadows his everyday life, from little things like having objects accidently fall on him, to the murder of his grandfather and the household servants. He did not see the killer, and ran out lest he would be killed. A stray bullet managed to hit him in the leg, but Jonas then stumbled through the gates of the Hotel where it promptly took him away.

On family: The Tyche family has always been blessed with good fortune (some members with more luck than others) allowing them to spread and become prosperous all around. Some think that Jonas signals the end, and others think he is the natural balance for everyone else.

On friends: In his opinion they are few and far between, but he has grown fond of the other guests of the Hotel.

Updated: Having discovered that his cousin Tomas had killed their Grandfather, Jonas is quite depressed, although Cory and the others do their best to comfort him.