Name: Phoebe Drake
Age: 4
Birthdate: ?
Hair: Red-orange
Eyes: Blue
Character color: Red
Hotel stay: 50 years

Info: Cheerful as any child, she quietly watches over the people in the hotel. But don't let her youthful looks fool you; she may seem harmless, but she has a mature side that peeks out every so often. She also has a connection to birds. The birds are drawn to her and she can control them - something her father was reportedly able to do. But other things are drawn to her as well…

On Family: Evan Drake technically is Phoebe's uncle, though they've lived as father and daughter for the past fifty years. Her real father, Nathan Drake, is MIA and presumed dead.

On Friends: She considers everyone in the Hotel to be her friends, and family for that matter. If any of them are hurt, she'll do her best to help them.