Name: Vaux Swift (pronounced the French way, "Vo" like "low")
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Grey
Stay: Almost 10 years.

Info: A bit of the cranky temperamental pessimist, he keeps a blunt demeanor and doesn't smile all that much. He has named himself the unofficial head chef of the Hotel because of the lack of other things to do, and he does makes a mean caesar salad.

He claims to have come to the Hotel because he was trying to get away from a psycho bitch ex-girlfriend who was stalking him. It must have been one scary chick to have made him stay at the Hotel for close to ten years.

He found a stash of cigarettes somewhere in the Hotel. Not wanting to waste it all, he only smokes every Sunday or whenever he's stressed.

But underneath all that, Vaux is a man who cares very much for the people around him, grudgingly or not. He wants to protect them, but some things are not possible to defend against. He keeps a watch over Drake, but doesn't allow himself to get too close.

Recently, he had been seeing something strange around the Hotel... which turned out to be Jaeger, his new "leech," and an incubus.

(Swift... please don't smoke and cook at the same time.)